Deconstructed shirts that will help you construct your fashionable summer.

Yes, you are reading it correctly, ladies. ‘Deconstructed shirts that will help you construct your summer’. Oxymoron? I think not. Ironic? A little I would say. Enlightening? DEFINITELY. 

Indeed, in this article you will discover how this deconstructed garment is actually a key player in fashioning a trendy summer wardrobe. Do not be put off by the negative connotation of the word – the deconstructed shirt has more to do with constructive than deconstruct. 

This is one summer fashion trend you should be wearing right now.

The deconstructed shirt comes in different forms, and brands are getting playful with their designs of the garments. Here are some variations of the deconstructed shirt:


Detailed sleeves


A major striking trend derived from the deconstructed shirts is the detailed sleeves. Think ruffles, embroidery, drawings, graphics, patterns. 

Ruffles specifically are big this summer, having successfully rendered the boring “boyish” shirt more girly, glamourous, romantic and flirty. 

Tip: perfect for a romantic casual daytime lunch or a cheeky evening date.


Over-sized sleeves


This summer, you either go big or you go home. There is no such thing as overstatement shirts. Nothing is too over the top or too exaggerated. Designers are accentuating the details in shirts, playing with sizes, proportions and measurements.


Cropped shirts


Breezy summery shirts are on the summer 2017 fashion menu. Now you can officially wear a shirt without suffocating under the summer heat. Pair your copped shirt with a pair of denim and have a trendy yet casual look. Dress it up with some heels and accessories and a clutch for a night out with your girls!


Cut-out shirts


Cut-out shirts are bombarding the runaways and have revealed true designer creativity and playfulness. 


Playful shirts


Add a corset to your shirts to create a playful look and a clinched waist.


The cold shoulder


The cold shoulder trend is one of the most happening ones this summer. It is flirty, yet elegant and stylish. With a subtle yet sexy “peek-a-boo” effect from the shirt falling off one, or both shoulders, this shirt is the perfect elegant yet airy item to get you through those hot summer days and nights, and land you another date with your crush – guaranteed!  


As you can see ladies, shirts are no longer associated with the “boring” family. With so many creative diversities, the deconstructed shirt is a trend you must embrace this summer.

To make it easier, think of it this way.  The deconstructed shirt is a normal shirt with any creative variation of any sort. From sleeves, to cut, to sizing, to detailing, to fittings. It’s the good old normal shirt with a remix. And boy are we digging that new tune!

The best thing about the deconstructed shirt and all its variations and branches is that it is such a versatile garment. It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, what you pair it with and how you accessorize it. Pair it with some denim jeans and flats, and you have yourself a stylish chilled afternoon look. Dress it up with tailored trousers, a blazer and a pair of heels and you got yourself one stylish working woman at the office. As for the nighttime, just wear it with a flirty skirt, some heels and some stylish accessories and you are set for an evening out!

Embrace the deconstructed shirt trend ladies, that is one fashion advice you must not ignore