Summer… S for, well, summer… U for utopia… M for … hold on! This is not a spelling contest, nor have you clicked on the wrong link that led you to a spelling bee class. You have indeed reached the fashion section within i the stylist. Stay put ladies; I will get to our fashion-oriented topic within a second.

S might be for summer but it definitely is not for simple. Well grammatically speaking it is, but… you know what I mean. There is nothing simple about this summer’s trends.

Summer 2017 is all about oversized, overdone, overdesigned, over-patterned, over and over again! This summer’s fashion trends will have all the fashionistas, buyers, stylists, editors, fashion writers, bloggers and trendsetters’ heads whirl and spin round and around with exhilaration.

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Think prints, metallic, bling-bling, magnum frills, stripes, polka-dots, intense patterns, colour blocking, saturated colour palettes, shoulder pads, slogans, logos, florals, geometric shapes, deconstructed garments, sequins, lamé, ruffles, flared shapes… and the list goes on and on.

Are you dizzy yet? 

Maybe enumerating this long list of trends might have confused you. You probably have a lot of questions right now and are having a hard time wrapping your head around all the dozen trends I just named above. Well frankly, I don’t blame you. What are the right colours to clash and go well had-in-hand together? What geometric shapes? What garments would look good with stripes? Can I pair stripes with polka-dots? When does the overdone become too over? What are the limits?

All the trends named above are not new nor groundbreaking, so to speak. In fact, they long have been the pillars of fashion, culture and history, each going back to a certain fashion era.

Let’s take the ’70s for instance, era of the hippies. And what is most depicting of the hippies’ era? Florals? Check. Saturated colour palettes? Check. Frills? Check.

L-R: SS17 – Isabel Marant, Marchesa and Gucci

Let’s move on to the ’80s and the infamous disco era. Sequins? Check. Flared trousers? Check. Metallic? Check. Bling-Bling? Check. 

L-R: Coach SS17, Cara Delevingne and Dior SS17


Now onto the ’90s – the ultimate grunge period, but also hip-hop. Mismatched outfits: check. Slogans: check. Florals: check. Mixing and matching: check. Colours clashing: check. Oversized garments: check.

Check mate I would say.

As you can see, this summer’s trends are ’70s, ’80s and ’90s inspired, and were appropriated by certain fashion epochs. However, those pillars once adopted by a certain fashion era have been reinvented for this summer, by adding more life and daring tweaks to them.

Yes, the old trends are back, but with more creative iterations that we will tackle in-depth over the coming weeks. This summer season is the season where you get to be innovative and playful with your fashion, by mixing and matching and remixing the trends and garments the way you like. Do not hesitate to be bold and daring, this is the time for you to let your imagination run wild!

So stay put ladies, in the next upcoming articles we will be tapping into each summer trend in detail and giving you tips to help you style your summer wardrobe and stand out within the fashion crowd!


Next week: Deconstructed shirts

In our next article, we will discuss the trend of the deconstructed shirt in order to help you construct your fashionable summer.