It’s hard not to be a fan of the colour black. It’s as versatile as a colour can get. Think about it. Black goes with everything, black looks good on all skin tones and hair colours, black is sliming, black gives you an instant chic and elegant allure and last but most certainly not least, black makes your life so much easier in the morning when you are half asleep deciding what to wear to work.


However, some people might protest and say that black is too monotonous, boring, sad and one-dimensional. Well this is where we come in. Here is your 101 guide on how to wear all black to work without looking if you are headed to a funeral or sobbing your dog’s death.


Here are a few simple yet crucial guidelines to keep in mind whilst implementing to yourself the all-black dress code.


1.    In order to avoid making your outfit look to boring, play with textures, fabric and pattern and vary them. Stray away from an all-black outfit all in cotton for instance. Try to enhance the volume, shapes and create some sort of diversity to your attire.


2.    Given that black is slimming, pay special attention to the fit. If you are looking for something super fitted, get a size smaller, or focus on your waist. Let your all-black outfit flatter you. However, if you prefer loser outfit, always make sure to balance it out. Either the upper part of your body should be lose or the lower. You do not want to look like an inflated black balloon. There’s no problem with lose fits, just style your garments appropriately in order for them to flatter you rather than make you look shapeless and dull. Keep in mind, the fit is key.


3.    Fabric is important too and must be chosen according to the season. Do not wear linen when it’s pouring rain and the temperature has hit one digit. For winter, go for cashmere and wool which will give more depth and elegance to your outfit. If it’s spring or summer, silk and linen will make the heat more tolerable and make your outfit breezier yet still professional.


4.    Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. When you add a piece of jewelry to your outfit, it instantly makes it less boring and more eye-catching. It could be anything, earrings, a ring, a bracelet, a statement necklace or even a broche. Accessories are one of the easiest to turn your all-black mundane outfit into a winner work attire.


5.    Heels are also another very effective shortcut that takes your all-black outfit from zero to a hundred. Go for classy stilettos that are super chi and elegant yet sexy. Perfect if you have a rendezvous straight after work and have no time to change.


So here you have it ladies, five simple steps to turn around your all-black outfit. Black will always be the new black, you just have to know how to style it. Black suggest consistency, coherence, professionalism, elegance and class. And this is what you as a working person would want to reflect – with style of course. Follow the above guidelines to ensure that you are representing the best version possible of yourself to the office environment and whoever crosses your path that day.