In theory, an open-back dress or a bejeweled coat are far more splurge worthy than a simple silk blouse. Most of you probably don’t own more than two different silk blouses in your wardrobe – maybe even one. And if you do, it is probably a gift from your mother since two Christmas’ ago, and you have never worn it nor will you ever. Your poor blouse is probably lying on the bottom of your closet, with its dusty label now. Don’t get me wrong, I get it, and I get you ladies. Silk blouses might come across as boring whilst other garments are more exhilarating on the shopping floor and dressing up level.


However, this is because you have yet to explore the endless great creative possibilities of the silk blouse that’s going to make your work dressing up task a lot more fun now. Just take ten minutes of your time to read this article and I promise you by the end of it you are going to be hitting the mall hunting for those silk blouses rather than your usual to-go-to items of clothing.


Here are some tips on how to wear your blouse for work


1.    Invest in a black or white silk blouse and tuck it under a high-wasted skirt or pants for a chic office look.


2.    If you feel that you look too monotonous for your taste, buy a blouse with original features such as a bow, bejeweled buttons or a cropped hem. It’s all in the details ladies.


3.    If you work somewhere less conservative and feel like adding a color pop to your all black outfit, opt for a solid-colored blouse.


4.    You could also play with patterns by buying a graphic blouse or contrasting patterns within your outfit ensemble.


5.    For a spring/summery vibe, invest in a tunic-y silk blouse that is guaranteed to make your work attire look fresh and breezy.


6.    If it’s winter and you are going for a “casual Friday” look at the office, wear a wool or cashmere sweater on top of your blouse and make its collar pop up.


Tip: choose detailed, decorated or bejeweled collars to add a special and original touch to your outfit.


7.    If you have a job interview, tuck your silk blouse into a pair of black cropped pants, add a blazer and stilettos or low-heeled pumps. Slick your hair into a bun for a final touch.


The best part about the silk blouse is its versatility. Depending on how you style it up, you can wear it for any occasion you might think of.


For a dinner after work, switch your stilettos or low-heeled pumps with sky-high ones and accessorize with classy earrings and a small evening purse.

If you are headed out after, wear your silk blouse loosely with a tight skirt to balance your outfit and gave you a sexy yet not-trying-too-hard look. Top it all off with some bracelets and a funky pair of heels or ankle boots.


You can even wear your silk blouse for a casual daytime brunch by swapping your tailored office pants with a pair of boyfriend jeans giving you an effortless cool look. Your silk blouse will come in handy wherever you need it. Worn with a pair of denim pants and flats and you got yourself an easy weekend outfit.


So there you have it ladies, different ways to wear one of the season's must-have pieces - whatever the occasion. Perhaps not perceived as valuable in college, but in the real working world the silk blouse is an indispensable garment in your closet and is a life-saver that will take you from brunch, to office, to dinner, to club, to weekend with just simple adjustments. So start stalking up on those silk blouses and get creative. Happy silk blouse styling!