It is no secret that New York City leads as the world’s innovation capital. The Big Apple is the epicentre of all sorts of trends, from fashion, to beauty, to art, and the list goes on and on and is long enough to make you scroll down indefinitely and tire your fingers.

And so it happens that New York Fashion Week is here! So we have gathered for you the top inspiring hairdos to dress for the occasion, look and represent the win. So let’s try to forget about the freezing weather in NYC, and not complain about Mother Nature’s below zero fate on the city, ladies. If you go for one of the hairdos from our inspiring list, you are guaranteed to warm up the streets because the list is freaking H-O-T!

We have divided our dreamy hairstyles into three main categories, enough choices for everyone’s own taste.


Option  1: The effortless natural look

You want to look good but not like you are trying too hard? Then an effortless look is the way to go. If you are feeling super natural, start off with natural looking locks that will give you a effortlessly beautiful look.

PS: make sure not to go too hard on the curler otherwise you’ll be looking like Marie Antoinette rather than a pretty laid-back lady with soft waves.

If you feel like natural looking waves are too monotonous, and want to spice things up again yet without looking like you are trying too hard, go for an effortlessly looking braid that’s lose.

Another natural looking hairdo is the effortless bun. It gives you an instant chic look without being too over the top.

Don’t be fooled by these effortless hairdos. Although they might look effortless and loose, they actually require a lot of thought and planning—and some serious knot, buns, and braiding skills, probably more than the obvious “I tried too hard” hair looks as you are trying not to look like you tried too hard, except that you did – if that makes sense, hehe.


Option 2: The hair embellishments

Another hairstyle worth creating a category for and that is very expressive of New York’s style is the “on-hair ornaments:”. This is when the hair becomes a palette where you get as creative and expressive as you want. Consider your hair as a white canvas where you get to paint whatever you want on it and test the limits of your creativity. A true New York hairstyle by excellence. Here are a few examples of this season’s NYFW must have hairdos.

Let’s start with the oldest trick of the book, of course, the headband accessory. Do not forget that as it could look great on all hair length with a bright-red lipstick for instance. Showstopper!

If you are feeling particularly inspired by the upcoming Valentine’s day, why not pay homage to the day of Love by going for romantic braids with floral embellishments. This is the exact definition of love on hair. You will definitely attract the paparazzi’s lens looking like a dreamy fairytale princess. You could also experiment with ribbons on braids, a very inventive representation of romance on hair.

A French braid, if styled accordingly, comes across as sweet and dreamy. However, if you feel a bit darker, add a twist to it and some edgy accessories and get a playful and fresh, yet sophisticated, grown-up vibe.

The adornments hair trend is very happening right now, and gives you endless room for experimenting and being creative and innovative. A new trend is indeed dominating, and it is the reinvention of basic styles. By adding ornaments, you are taking a classical hairstyle and giving it a modern twist just the way you want as you are the artist on the canvas which is your hair.

PS: All the above applies for buns as much as it does for braids. So start getting creative girls. We are a sucker for ballerina buns, especially with a modern twist!

Option 3: The funky edgy hairdo

Now this last and final category is for those fearless now who want to stop the show and aren’t afraid of experimenting with their hair.

The first and basic step to get a funky hairdo is a drastic chop.

If you are feeling daring, but not too daring, go for a bob short haircut that’s sleek and oh-so-symmetrical. If you feel like messing around with this haircut and experimenting, dare to go for the exact opposite, the asymmetrical bob chop style.

If chopping your own hair just isn’t in your dreams, but you would love to try a short look, go for a human hair wig, that way it will still look natural & realistic without the commitment of cutting!

If you feel slightly more daring and experimental though, and want to go a bit more all out, dare to go for the “Tom boy” or “Garçon” sleek and chic haircut.This haircut is made for the unapologetically confident.

For a more eye-catching hairdo, go for a messy short platinum blond cut. The messy, bright-blond locks are guaranteed to immediately draw the fashion crowd and have you featured on the NYFW best dressed pages.

You can also play with different hair colors, go for one or two contrasting ones.

Undoubtedly, NYC is the buzzing heart and soul of creativity and reinvention, the roots of the new, the unseen, the happening, but most importantly, the happening now, and first. This NYFW is all about taking the classic and adding a modern twist to it, creating, reinventing and innovating. All you need is some hair accessories, your creative mind, a sense of style, your imagination, and a whole lot of confidence to rock one of these to-die-for hairstyles!