Milan is the perfect ending for the Fashion Week trilogy as it embodies a bit of London and a bit of New York, but with its own Italian flair. Prada, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Bottega Venetta, Versace, you name it, all the Italian namesakes are packed with proper fashion and staggering creativity. Italy has always been a country renowned for fashion, so it is no surprise that the Milan Fashion Week is host tofabulous looks that we will be sharing with you. If you reflect and go back, all the way back to the ancient Roman times, you will see to what extent Italy is famous for its beautiful hairstyles. The tasteful country has kept its reputation up until today! Here are some of the top hairstyles that are worth taking notes of. Pens and papers up Ladies!

Option 1:    Ancient Roman Hairstyles with a modern twist

Undoubtedly, fashion and style have always been engraved in Italian blood since the Roman times. The Ancient Roman hairstyles were reputed for being incredibly decorative. Whilst the French might like their tresses simply done or if slightly extravagant, twisted in a bun, the Italians do it differently – to say the very least – and in a much more elaborate manner.

The key to pulling off an ancient Roman hairstyle today is one: ornaments, and the abundance of them may I stress.  Yes, bejewelled hair. Very bejewelled hair. Revive your long tresses by adding some art, culture, imagination and fashion to them. Decorate your hair with whatever you think might add opulence to it, from pearls, to jewels, to barrettes, to beads, to colorful stones, to ribbons, to beautiful bijoux peeking through your hair.

opulent headpieces.jpg

For maximum impact and opulence, go for a Dolce & Gabbana inspired headpiece. These breath-taking headgears will undoubtedly add a spellbinding and gripping effect to your hair. Tiaras, crowns, nothing is too over the top when it comes to the opulent city of Milan, especially during Fashion Week. This is the moment for you, and your hair, to shine.

opulent headpieces 3.jpg

Tip: to add more sumptuousness to your hair, start off by applying some volumizing mousse before your start braiding it. You could also blow dry it a bit to enhance the volumized effect.

Option 2:    Italian Boy Cut

The Italian boy cut has made a splash during the 20th century and has become today an Italian hair staple. Drastic chops are very empowering and if done right, they give women an instant elegant allure. Although cropped haircuts are a major hair trend, they aren’t so easy to pull off. But what Milan Fashion Week has done, is rendering the “short” pretty and making it the real deal now.

The scary thing about super short hairstyles is that they really draw the attention on your features and open up the face. If you aren’t too certain about taking the short hair plunge, how about you go for really strong curls from all directions. That way you have yourself a fake short bob and you can test it out and see how you feel about it.

Another trick is to play with the lengths. Pair short and long hairs,  in order to contrast them! This will add volume to your hair and will not be as drastic as chopping of your hair completely like a laser cut. This is a smart way to experiment with strong trends without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed.  Indeed, uneven hair and bangs would make the cut more modern and at the same time less blunt than a full chop.

Tip: Blow dry it and brush it with a forward movement to enhance your look.

However, if you are one of those who rage about short bobs and are fearless, then go all out and add some colour to your chopped hair. A very happening Milanese trend at the moment is dying the tips of your hair in rose gold and creating this soft pretty punk look. Edgier, funkier, artsier, and more Italian of course.

Option 3:     The New Italian Boho

Last but most certainly not least, the New Italian Boho look comes in. There is undoubtedly a Bohemian spirit breezing through the Italian Fashion capital, with a creative Italian twist. Think long wavy natural hair, paired with ruffled and loose summery dresses and of course, a delicious Gelato. An Italian dream indeed.

If you are a fan of growing your hair, then you will fit perfectly in Milan, where long and curly hairstyles are huge in Italy right now. However, instead of straightening your hair, leave it to naturally curl, and breath the Italian breeze and “La Dolce Vita”. If your hair is naturally straight, curl it. The more volume the better. Make your hair look thicker and healthier. Think voluminous curls and fluffy clouds of hair and shoulder long waves. A real Bohemian Italian look.

Tip: Use a large curler and make sure to apply hairspray so the curls stay in place and don’t drop within minutes after all your hard work.

You could also go for a natural brushed back hair look. This effortless hairstyle has become increasingly popular in Italy. Once you are done with curling your hair, don’t do any parting whether it is on the middle or to the side, simply brush it backwards with your fingers to create a natural flowing look.

natural brushed back hair.jpg

If you are really feeling Italian, and want to spice up your hairdo and have a bit of a Mediterranean flair, add a colourful scarf with a pattern and wrap in around your head. This will give your classic and natural look more pizza flavour. Mammamia!

Undoubtedly, hair is a big deal in Italy, let alone in the fashion capital itself Milan. Fashion Week or not, fashion is key in the Mediterranean peninsula.  This season Milan has graced us with to-die-for hairstyles that are soon to be more eponymous than its famous Duomo, and it is the perfect closure for the fashion week trilogy.

Each city might be different and have its own style as you have read in the past articles. But eventually, each city celebrates its culture and adds its own flair to the hairstyles. From funky New Yorker, to the Shoredification hairstyles, to the Roman hairdos with a modern Italian flair, this fashion season is filled with culture, art and fashion for all people of different likes, styles and tastes. Maybe it’s Milan, maybe it’s the combination of all cities altogether, but whatever it is, innovation and creativity are in the water and we are drinking it up, lusting, eagerly anticipating the next Fashion Week seasons to come.