New York Fashion Week is over for another season and the fashion crowd has flown over to London, and so have we – DUH!  If you haven’t already, check out our NYFW article.

London Fashion Week may last for four days only, but it sure does leave the city humming about the looks and new trends to-die-for, and of course what we care most about, new hairstyles!

You might call it London Fashion Week, I call it the “Shoredification” of London. Indeed, so long are the days where London’s hotspots used to be in the West End areas. The new “it” area, and the epicentre of all trends is none other than Shoreditch nowadays. Shoreditch has increasingly become over the past few years the embodiment for urban cool. It is therefore no surprise that this Fashion Week’s hottest hairstyles are all Shoreditch inspired, with a whirlwind of hairdos that would please the cool and edgy, the hipster and even the partyholic.

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Option 1: Cool and edgy

These typically Shoreditch inspired hairstyles are for the urban cool ones and trendsetters who embrace the alternative, with a dose of artsy eccentricity.

First giveaway sign that you are one of those “cool kids” is the asymmetric hair or grungy mismatched hair. Wear your hair with some tight jeans and checkered blouse and you have yourself a whole “vintagey” style.

However, your hairdo wouldn’t truly be Fashion Week worthy unless there is something cutting-edgy and avant-garde about it.

Think color pops, and dare I even say, two-tone hair! YES. If you can’t bring yourself to decide between brown or blond hair, well who said you had to make a choice or entertain these hair ultimatums?  Go for the dual die and rock two contrasting shades at once. Boom!

Another edgy hair trend on the rise is the roots die. If you are too scared to commit to a full head of a popping bright color like red, go for a fade on your roots. Yes, this is what we call a real hair hero for London’s Fashion Week.

Option 2: Nonchalant or Bohemian

If you are a nonchalant, hippy bohemian person, who loves easy-going things and all that is cool & relaxed, then we got your back – or hair –  with these hair looks.

Start off with the “easy like Sunday” hairdo, the easy middle part. We all know that simplicity never fails, and this is what you preach as a nonchalant person – and guess what? We do too! Part your hair in the middle: T-I-M-E-L-E-S-S!

You will look casual yet poised, and effortlessly chic.

In between shows and don’t have time to dry your hair? Well guess what? You don’t have to! Go for an unconcerned and offhand wet look, by slicking your hair back.

PS: Make sure to add some gel on your hair so things don’t spiral out of control once your hair starts drying up.

Go for a funky braid twisted in a bun for a playful, yet relaxed and unbothered look. This will for sure spice up your hair agenda without making you look like you tried too hard.

You could also go for a high messy bun or even rock a high ponytail. These on-the-go yet trendy hairstyles will save you and get you on time for those back-to-back shows

Ps: These hairstyles work best with statement earrings. To showcase your accessories, make sure to tie your hair up in a ponytail or bun.

Option 3: Disco queen

No Shoreditch look would be complete if you don’t portray the area’s renowned nightlife with its glamourous looks.

Go for a Supermodel disco hair that embodies the party scene which erupted in Shoreditch. Nothing beats a good blowout when it comes to really showcasing your confidence level on the streets of London. Think texture, volume, shininess, grandiosity, lavishness and 80s-inspired hair.

If you want to push the limits of hair creativity even more, and really dress the part of the disco queen, go for an exaggerated side parting. Part your hair drastically to enhance one side, then add some exaggerated curls. This is the perfect way to guarantee, that you will steal the spotlight on London’s streets and claim your own page on the list of best dressed.

So here you have it ladies, our comprehensive trend report for this London Fashion Week’s hairstyles straight-out-of Shoreditch inspired. If you want the full-on Shoreditch experience, then you must be alternative, unorthodox and unconventional otherwise don’t even bother trying to stand out during this series of LFW.

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