Embrace the change with smart investments

A new year brings something we all long for: hope for a new start, opportunity for a fresh turn, a chance for us to make changes for the better and improve ourselves. But let’s not kid ourselves. You can’t really start fresh if you still look the same. You need not only to feel brand new internally, but physically too, by looking the part. What better way to start the new year than with a new hairdo!

Off with the old, and on with the new! 

Invest in a new pair of hair extensions. Everyone is doing it, so get with the program and hop on the new hairdo bandwagon. From A to Z celebrities and A-listers, new hair is the way to inaugurate the new year. Supermodel Bella Hadid rocked her bangs on New Year’s Eve as she partied the night away. Bella took over both Instagram and Snapchat to show off her new hairdo that evening, giving the expression “breaking the Internet” a new refreshed twist.

Indeed, your 2017 is obviously going to be dope, so needless to say that you need a dope hairstyle to match and kick the year off just right.

Buying hair extensions is not like buying a chocolate bar at the grocery store round the corner from your office or home.  You want to play it smart, and do a bit of research. You can’t just go to any hair salon nearby or order online a new set of hair extensions from any random website you google. Sorry to inform you ladies but this is not how it works. It’s a bit more complicated than this and this is why we are providing you with this article as your to-go-to research source.

So here is your basic 101 guide to shop for your new hair.

First: Choose human extensions over synthetic

This is smart move #1 and the only way to go.

This is one of the major dilemmas you are going to face when choosing extensions. Ladies, I plead you, do not be tempted to take the easy way out. Synthetic extensions might seem very appealing to you as they are cheaper. Although slightly more highly priced, natural human hair extensions are a much better quality than synthetics. Synthetic might be cheap, but they are not as durable, don’t blend well with real hair, and are more likely to get tangled.


Second: Do not combine human extensions with synthetic ones

Make sure what you are buying is 100% human hair. Not 99% human, 1% synthetic. Those are not good numbers for you. If you specify human hair, make sure that it is not combined with synthetic hair, otherwise your hairdo is going to look like u mismatched 5 different types of wigs. You must aim to match the texture as closely as possible to your own hair. Consistency is key, ladies. A great thing to keep in mind when searching for your 100% human hair extensions, is that dirt cheap 100% human hair extensions don’t exist. For example a 30” 100g hair extension is not likely to cost less than £100 minimum, especially considering all the costs that the supplier has to pay to be able to offer them to you. If the price is unrealistic, then something is fishy & the extensions most likely aren’t 100% human hair!


Third: Smart investments

Sure one of your resolutions might be to look better with a new hairdo, but it also doesn’t mean going broke over it. I hear you ladies. This is why you have to approach this as smartly and swiftly as possible. We all want to save money, but buying synthetic hair will backfire. Whilst it might appear as the cheapest option at first, it will end up costing you more on the long run as synthetic hair doesn’t last long and you would have to keep buying new ones every now and then. Instead, invest in a decent pair of human hair extensions. It might be pricier, but for the rest of the year, you are sorted. Plus a really good pair, especially if looked after well, can last you a many years. This is how you end up getting value for your money!


Fourth: Take care of your extensions

Your smart investment doesn’t end here ladies. You might have bought your “smart extension”, but to reiterate, unless you take care of it, your smart investment isn’t going to last long, which defeats the purpose. Your job is not done nor complete until those extensions are well taken care of. Keep in mind that the extensions are attached to your head and real hair, which means you must not put stress on them, and by that I mean ladies no pulling & brushing hairs unnecessarily and no lame chick fights. You are just going to end up with torn hair, ruined extensions, and money gone down the drain. Ladies, we agreed that 2017 is the year for the new you and your new hair. So keep it classy.

Follow these simple steps and you are sorted. You’ll thank me in 2018. WORD!