Dressing up for work: the second top four words that give you instant anxiety once spoken – the first four ones being evidently the oh-so-notorious: we need to talk.


However, dressing up for work shouldn’t be such a stress trigger. I get it. Saying it is unpleasant is an understatement. The idea of a fully buttoned shirt is nerve-wrecking. A tie if you are a guy - no sexism intended – is even worse.  Nevertheless, as promised in the previous article, I will be sharing with you certain loopholes within the office attire system, and tricks for dressing up to work that don’t involve fully buttoned shirts or ties.


Loophole lesson number 1:


Your blazer is your best friend.


A blazer is a great wardrobe tool for dressing up and down an outfit. No shirt no problem! A simple blazer paired with a t-shirt will take your casual look to a more formal office appropriate one. I know what you might be thinking: a blazer with a t-shirt look sounds like an oxymoron; and is certainly a controversial idea. But it definitely is not. A t-shirt is admissible in a work environment, It’s just a matter of how to wear it.


There are a few minor tricks to keep in mind:


Slim fit: This is crucial for your t-shirt. I am not saying wear a skin tight t-shirt as tight as a diving suit, but do not wear anything too lose or baggy either. It is perfectly acceptable to merge the casual with the formal as long as you respect certain regulations. You do not want to end up looking like the Slim Shady or some rapper at the office.


Neutral tones: always pick “office friendly” colours like black, grey, or navy blue. Keep it simple and neutral. Nothing too heavy on the eyes. This applies to both blazer and t-shirt. Do not make the colours clash, and opt for a subtle pairing to obtain a professional look.


No patterns: Never wear patterns or cluttered designs for both t-shirt and blazer. Anything other than a simple minimalistic t-shirt or blazer will take away any sense of formality in your attire.


So here you have it, the great combination of a t-shirt and a blazer. Not such an oxymoron after all, is it? And aside from the great news that you don’t have to suffocate in a fully buttoned shirt or tie, this look is also time efficient. You don’t have to go home and change your outfit if you want to grab a casual drink or dinner after work. Work life and post work life now don’t have to be two separate entities. With a bit of compromise and subtle tricks, you can manage to merge both, and pull off an effortlessly chic look without betraying your sense of style.