Dr. martens might resonate with cool, savage, funky, punk, rock, edgy but most certainly not with work. Well, here’s the catch: with the right hacks, any piece of clothing from your wardrobe can be worn to work. You just have to style it up accordingly.


Indeed, going to work doesn’t necessarily have to mean giving up on your favorite pair of Dr Martens and dumping it in your closet until the weekend. I am going to share with you clever tips to wear your favorite pair of Doc Martens for work, whether they are boots or brogues.


Boots are obviously more indicative of a military and savage workforce look. In order to be able to wear them to your workplace, you have to pair them with the right garments. Start by pairing your Doc Martens boots with fitted trousers. Go fort for classic colors such as black, navy blue, dark grey or brown for your pair of slim fitting cigarette trousers as they are the most traditional, formal and work appropriate color palettes. This will dress up your outfit instantly. To add an extra touch of formality, wear a shirt, or a t-shirt with a blazer as we have previously discussed.


On the other hand, the Doc Marten brogues give a more sport chic impression. All you have to do is wear them with a pair of dark skinny jeans, either black or navy blue or dark grey, and you are sorted! If you are a guy, teaming your brogues with a shirt and a tie will give your outfit that extra smart boost. And the best part is, if you are headed to a bar straight after work, all you have to do is lose the tie and undo a couple of buttons and you are set for your relaxed late afternoon! The brogues are the right combination of smart and casual. Depending on how you wear them, you can either achieve a professional sophisticated look, or a more casual and relaxed one. And the transformation barely takes a minute!


So there you have it, simple hacks that show you the versatility of the Doc Martens shoes. Depending on how you style them, you can decide whether you want to wear them to work or to a casual post-work drink.