Standing out in NYFW is not exactly the easiest task for designers. This bi-yearly parade of new collections has become both a competitive and creative playground for all brands nowadays. With hundreds of thousands of viewers, the pressure is immense for designers. Math has never really been my strong suit but I can still manage to calculate at a basic level that with seven style-filled days, each day comprehending on average 20 shows, NYFW overall boasts 140 shows. However regardless of the important numbers of designers, it is an undeniable certainty that Jeremy Scott’s collection will stand out.


The label's eponymous designer was never known for boring the crowd. From the previous Barbie collection to the Moschino masterpieces, Jeremy Scott is renowned for his fashion theatrics.
In this year’s Spring/Summer Ready-To-Wear 2017 collection, he featured models inspired from the 80’s pop era. With big hair, tap-a-l’oeil garments and flashy colors like the popalicious fuchsia, the show truly transported the viewers to the era of the disco club.

The disco queens and kings marched on the runway wearing Andy Warhol inspired garments with a geometrical and sculptural twist. The screen-printed faces that refer to 20th century pop movement are the most present theme of Jeremy Scott’s collection. He also sprinkled the colorful cartoons with sparkling sequins and glossy materials, thus making sure that his collection has claimed its spot in this year’s NYFW, leaving spectators a lot to talk about.
Jeremy Scott’s show moves to the beat of the 80’s Big Apple, and celebrates the city that never sleeps.