When it comes to Fashion Week, even size zero fashionistas and models become foodies, especially in the city of Milan. We have gathered the best gastronomic addresses and culinary hotspots that guarantee to make your fashion week slightly more calorific but an undoubtedly delicious one.

Pasticceria Marchesi
Nothing screams more Milan Fashion Week than Pasticceria Marchesi. This renowned two centuries old Milanese patisserie - now owned by Prada Group has in total three branches and is considered as an emblematic symbol of fashion that meets food. Salty treats, delicacies, pastries and aperitifs are showcased in wood-and-glass cases. In the back of the store, you can nibble on delicious creations in the dining area while comfortably seated in a stylish green chair next to marble-top tables. Don’t forget to coordinate the velvet green surroundings, the pristine white ceilings and the chocolate stone floors with your Prada ensemble, of course.
Via Monte Napoleone 9, 20121 Milan, Italy


Bice is one of the oldest and most important namesakes in the culinary industry in Milan. The restaurant became a hub for the most affluent personas and social circles, with a name that has travelled beyond the oceans. Although the restaurant is very low key, famous people such as renowned American designers Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Renta have managed to find their way there. The elegant, traditional eatery with white tablecloths and tartan carpets is where we guarantee you will have a succulent meal that will keep you energized throughout the hectic fashion shows. We recommend the pasta stuffed with asparagus and prosciutto.
Via Borgospesso, 12, 20121 Milano, Italy

Ceresio 7
Ceresio 7 Pools & Restaurant is founded by the famous twin brothers Dan and Dan Caten, also founders and owners of Dsquared2. Coincidence? We think not. Located at Dsquared2's headquarter on the rooftop, Ceresio 7 has opened its doors to the most fashionable in the city in September 2013. Since then, the building has become a point of reference for the city's beau monde, with its unequalled view and its delightful Italian fusion cuisine. We recommend the ravioli with black truffles, or linguini with lobster, or even better: both. The restaurant is open all day and there is an “all day” menu; ideal when you have back to back fashion shows, miss lunch time and need to feast late!
Via Ceresio, 7, 20154 Milano, Italy

Carlo e Camilla In Segheria

Last but certainly not least, Carlo e Camilla In Segheria is the epitome of culinary excellence, architecture mastering and design genius all combined. The restaurant and cocktail bar is located in a non-operational sawmill acquired by art director Anna Solci's grandparents in the 1930s. The character of the building has been left untouched, with brick and raw cement setting a unique dining experience. Michelin-starred chef Carlo Cracco brings to the table – literally – top notch food and succulent dishes. The menu, which consists of a reinterpretation of traditional Italian recipes, changes every 45 days. So each Milan Fashion Week not only equates to new collections now, but also to new succulent meals. The city of Milan sure knows how to keep its fashionista crowd entertained and stuffed!
Via 20141, Via Giuseppe Meda, 24, 20141 Milano, Italy


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