“Shou Tabkha El Mama Lyom?” is the slogan of Souk el Tayeb’s most recent project, Tawlet. The slogan is a famous expression within the Lebanese culture in traditional villages. It means, “What is your mother cooking today?”

From a farmers’ market in 2004 that brought rural products to the urban environment, to regional food festivals in 2007 highlighting local traditions, produces and cuisine, Souk el Tayeb developed in 2009 into Tawlet, also known as the Farmers Kitchen. In the same vision that is to celebrate food and traditions that unite communities and the culture of sustainable agriculture, Tawlet is a social business, where profit is generated to support local farmers, cooks and producers. Tawlet is the farmers’ kitchen of Souk el Tayeb, and has two branches, one in the country’s capital in Beirut, and the other in its high breezy mountains Ammiq.

Tawlet is a restaurant where each day a different cook prepares traditional meals from their region, from Samke Harra, to Kebbeh Basslyeh, to Zenkol, to Maftouleh, to Reshta, and the list goes on. Each dish is made fresh every day by a different cook, creating a unique dining experience that unites a nation and tastes delicious.

Whether you decide to go to Tawlet Beirut or Tawlet Ammiq, you will find every day a different cook from a different area that would tell the story and the traditions of a region of Lebanon through food. Both “Tawlets” provide customers with a sensational culinary experience that is doubled with a human imprint. Every month, a special guest is invited, whether it is a chef, a food writer, or noted foodie. They each come from a different part of the world for a special Tawlet lunch.

Tawlet is open Monday to Friday, from 1pm to 4pm for the “producer’s buffet” and on Saturdays from 12pm to 4pm for the Souk brunch. The price for the “producers’ buffet” or Saturday brunch is 40,000 LBP + VAT, which is an equivalent of a decent 20 pounds, for a guarantied gourmet traditional meal that is drenched with Lebanese stories and traditions