Published on the website of the clothing line One Seven Three

My Sunday afternoon tradition consists usually of purchasing – after a long fulfilling meal – numerous fashion magazines. I do some light reading in order to relax and catch up on the latest trends after a long week of work. This weekend, I could not help but notice that pictures of A-list celebs in blazers were bombarding all the publications I was skimming through. What was also noticeable was that most of the celebrities were tall, and had rocked the blazer accordingly to their height. I had to tear the picture below, illustrating the following, and thus decided to write about it.

It’s officially a fact: blazers were not, still not, and will never be, a fad. They are a fashion staple, a classic garment for all women to have in their wardrobes. Don’t be fooled by the sleeves’ length and associate therefore this item to the fall or winter seasons. Blazers come in different fabrics and shapes, and can be worn during any season and under any weather.

Steal the A-lists’ celebs look and invest in our very own Audrey Jacket. It might be cheaper than this Stella McCartney blazer but it is nevertheless of excellent quality, meticulously fabricated in the lands of the United Kingdom and specifically tailored for taller women. Pair it with our tailored Hepburn trousers and it’s a match made in heaven. Whether you are going to work, to a business lunch, or feel empowered today, this is the look to go for. Stand tall and classy ladies!