Published on the website of the clothing line One Seven Three

As a One Seven Eight woman, I do feel with those that struggle to find outfits that flatter this kind of height. One of the main garments that would actually flatter such body types is the trench coat. Models and tall celebrities are sporting it everywhere: form Miranda Kerr, to Alexia Chung, to Anne Hathaway, to Taylor Swift etc. – the list goes on and on. With winter slowly drawing to a close (because you know how London weather is not exactly the most predictable one), you are probably thinking what would be a good garment to wear in spring that would flatter my height. The classic trench coat is a must have for this quite blurry transition between the seasons in London, when the sun is shining but there is a slight chill in the air and occasional rain that dampen the mood. The trench coat is the transitional style savior! Whether its raining or shining, this is the item that women should be wearing. Our coat is lightweight, waterproof, and made of high quality fabric as the production is UK based. Keep it classy and chic with the Alexa beige trench coat and watch yourself walking tall, feeling confident and stylish. Honest advice: from one tall woman to another!