Arguably the most significant, systemic trend in worldwide tourism today is the demand for “experiential travel”. Consumers nowadays are moving away from the traditional definition of travel, and are seeking genuine experiences. Far more than pre-packaged brochures, touristic maps and must-see photos, the modern travellers are seeking real experiences, with real people. This is the authentic value of experiential travel.

There is a clear and palpable shift within the travel industry. With the economic recession, political turbulence, and natural disasters recently, travellers are now pursuing a more immersive and culturally honest idea of travel, one that is truly memorable and engaging. Travellers want to truly connect with the locals of a city and experience travel on a deeper and more personal level. People no longer want to take beautiful photographs that would remind them years later of a soulless experience. They want the visceral, the raw, the pure and authentic experience as it is.
They are also rejecting the outdated definition travel with its materialistic connotations. Mostly because they were hardly hit by the recession, consumers are demanding experiences where they can have the value of their money. Experiential travel is not reserved for the elite and the privileged and caters all economic brackets. It is about forgetting every cliché travellers have come across.

The new travel trend challenges consumer habits and gets them out of their comfort zone. Travellers are propelled in the real world where they interact with people and are impacted deeply. It’s all about experiencing truly, and seeing the nitty-gritty place of a city, the visceral feelings and experiences that provide a new understanding for travellers of the world