Born and bred in Casablanca, Morocco, Tiara-Lyne Hoballah shares her Insider’s picks on the restaurant not to miss out in her local city.

Cabestan restaurant
El Hank, Casablanca, Morocco

A true oasis in Casablanca, this restaurant and lounge bar is a hidden gem in the city. Excellent French and Mediterranean cuisine with delicious tapas, it is frequented uniquely by locals in the know. Ask for a table next to the window for a clear view of the sea below by day or night. We guarantee you that the view would never fail to have an impact on you, as it is not very often you come across a restaurant over looking the ocean waves. Cabestan is a fantastic place on the sea front that triggers all your senses. The ambiance is vibrant, with good music, similar to Buddha Bar’s playlist. The restaurant is filled with inviting aromas, and renowned for its delicious food and good selection of wine. As soon as you walk in, you know you are in a sophisticated restaurant that strives to be the best. Reservation is recommended, as the place is most likely buzzing with people already at 20.00 hrs. No bookings on Saturday however. It is a first come first served policy. The waiters are helpful without being intrusive. They bring you drinks whilst waiting for your food in a timely and plentiful manner.

Customers are eighteen and above from various generations. Every Monday at the same time, a group of men visit the restaurant. They belong to a very private group called “Le club des cigars”, meaning in French the cigar club.
At night, a DJ plays music. The playlist always varies and creates a dynamic and animated ambiance in the place. Sometimes artists perform a live show. Thursday onward that locals in the know frequent: s, the place gets twice as crowded, and louder. After a few drinks, people get up on tables and dance. 
Don’t worry; no one will be judging you. It also helps that the light as dimmed. The interior aesthetic is never static or dull, with different themes for the terrace especially in summer.

We recommend:
Oysters: freshness central
Meat Carpaccio: extremely tasty
Buffalo mozzarella: heavenly
Noir d'entrcote: premium meat.
Pesche Al Sale: cooked to perfection.
2.5 kg " Branzino": melts in your mouth and will make you praise the cook's skills.
Seared tuna: utterly delicious
Chocolate soufflé: to die for
Raspberry Grand Marnier soufflé: best dessert, with melted chocolate on the side.
Profiterole: a big hit.

Dress code: dress to impress

Prices do not come cheap here but the truth is it is worth every penny you spend here. Add to the superb food quality the excellent service along with the beautiful atmosphere and you forget the bill, which can be pricey. The best bit though, undoubtedly is the view. There is something very serene and calming about watching the waves roll in while eating. This is a restaurant that never lets you down. Not known to tourists, this is a typical local restaurant for those in the know. It is worth getting out of your comfort zone and spending some of your savings on this unforgettable meal. You will not regret it. Insider’s promise