Welcome to our new fashion blog where each month Farah Yaktine a specialist fashion blogger will share with us the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of what to and what not to wear for work, whatever your age or style.

“One of the most common misconceptions daunting today’s employed society is about appropriate workwear. People usually tend to associate work attire exclusively to suites and ties. Therefore, mainly because of this misapprehension, dressing up for the office has become a nightmare for the most of us. We all have different fashion styles, and not all of us are really keen on wearing ties and fully buttoned shirts. But here’s the twist: you don’t have to.

“Whilst it is needless to say that you cannot show up to work wearing your Sunday brunch outfit – unless you are one lucky composed person and you normally wear shirts and ties on Sundays – you don’t really need to have an extreme wardrobe makeover either. Dressing up to work does not necessarily mean reorganizing your entire attire cupboard, or buying yourself a second closet specifically for workwear!

“There are middle grounds and easy fashion hacks that enable you to stay true to your sense of style without compromising it, and all of that whilst looking decent and professional for your job. This blog will progressively demonstrate to you how different styles can coexist under the same professional roof as long as they are worn with minor adjustments that will render them office friendly. I will be sharing with you articles about tips, suggestions and subtle loopholes within the workwear system on how to outsmart the professional dress code environment and consequently combine your true fashion identity with your professional side.

“Unbutton those shirts ladies and gentlemen, and stay put! Work and fashion are not enemies. On the contrary, you will be surprised to see how well they work together.