Being on a diet or detox doesn’t necessarily have to be a punishment. The misconception that green, raw, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and coeliac-friendly dishes are tasteless and unworthy has long been scratched out. If anything, healthy has become the new delicious trend, with restaurants popping up increasingly in every corner of the world. We have rounded up our top five best heathy restaurants in London for all you avid kale eaters. And for those who are still reluctant regarding the green trend, just try out one of our top picks, and you’ll be hoping on that green bandwagon in no time!

Raw Press (Mayfair, Notting Hill)
This juice bar is renowned for its fresh and cold-pressed juices. Raw Press is the perfect place to drink your greens if you are in a rush and can’t afford to have a proper healthy meal in a restaurant, or even hydrate with a great coconut water. We recommend the cucumber, celery, kale, spinach and parsley juice. Their almond milk is another must have if you are looking for a rich and indulging afternoon treat, made of coconut water, almonds, dates, vanilla bean and Himalayan salt.
The Mayfair outlet of Raw Press also offers a daily changing selection of healthy nutritious dishes delicious such as the likes of the acai bowls, the baked sweet potatoes and the succulent chopped kale salads. It's so delightful you would almost forget that you are eating healthily. And besides, if it’s raw, it must be healthy right?

Squirrel (South Kensington)
Finally, a healthy eatery where healthy eating isn’t restricted to merely different types of lettuce and where lunch doesn’t translate into a juxtaposition of tasteless leafs and greens. In Squirrel, healthy dining is all about choices – and they are all delicious. The London health-food haven serves all day a consistent salad bar with all sorts of ingredients allowing you to customize your own salad using any healthy food combinations you could possibly think of from A to Z. Squirrel also offers its customers prepared hearty filling salads combinations that could save you some customizing time if you are in a hurry whilst grabbing your lunch. We recommend the guac ’n’ roll bowl, a healthy yet delicious version of a burrito. The interior of the eatery is as healthy as the food it has to offers. The cozy space is decorated with natural surroundings such as indoor trees and a painting of a squirrel. 

Good Life Eatery (Belgravia, Sloane Avenue and Marylebone)
The Good Life Eatery is one of the very first clean-eating eateries to open in London and to have made such a big impact on the city’s food scene. The superfood café offers a delicious and fulfilling range of goodness bowls to the health conscious customers. Aside from the wide variety of salads, Good Life makes delicious avocados on toast and hall-of-fame worthy acai bowls.  The superfood haven also makes mean smoothies and fresh pressed juices. The Good Life isn’t about boring diet-food. Its menu tastes as good as it is good for you.

Ham Yard restaurant (Ham Yard Hotel, Soho)
Weekends and cheat days no longer have to mean packing on extra pounds, messing up your health streak or adding two extra hours to your usual work out to erase the binge-inspired guilt. The restaurant at the trendy Ham Yard Hotel is the perfect solution to not break your diet or health phase whilst enjoying an indulging treat. The Ham Yard’s safe food haven rehabilitates the concept of the usually notoriously unhealthy afternoon tea by adding a healthy British twist to it. Nibble on the sugar-free scones and chocolate and avocado mousse. The Ham Yard restaurant is the perfect spot for the health conscious to enjoy a food rest day.

Farmacy (Notting Hill)
Farmacy – pun intended – is a newly opened healthy eatery. The outside of the building looks like a chemist’s with its green a white stripped blinds and green signage. The interior is also surgically bright and sterile. Farmacy has transformed the usually boring and dull concept of green, clean and lean eating into a fun and delicious experience, with inspired dishes from all around the world that support the green craze. The health-conscious customers can enjoy a playful shot of juice served in a syringe. The best part about this stylish healthy-eating joint is that it offers to its customers usually notorious and “unhealthy” dishes, yet with a clean twist. The menu includes a variety of “naughty” dishes that have been revisited and rendered healthy such as the likes of the avocado burger or mushroom tagliatelle. And if you think this is great, then wait till you read this: Farmacy also offers its clientele delightful desserts such as a light lemon cheesecake with a game-changing healthy biscuit base that all you clean-eating foodies will appreciate.



So there you have it, London’s finest healthy superfood pit stops for all you calorie-conscious readers who wish to eat good without having to guilt trip after every meal. And for those of you who were skeptical regarding the green bandwagon, what are your thoughts now? Clean-eating just got a lot yummier.