Welcome to Chateau de Candale!  If you ever find yourself in the beautiful region of Bordeaux in France, it would be a terrible shame not to plan a visit to this delightful Chateau located specifically in the area of Saint-Émilion. Book a ticket, dare I even say, specifically for that purpose. It is impossible not to be seduced by this Chateau and everything it has to offer to its visitors.

Chateau de Candale was bought in 2010 by Jean-Louis Vicard who has since then renovated and revived the property. His architectural conception is a deafening success. The new proprietary also created a restaurant “L’Atelier de Candale” in which Jean-Charles Pointreau, Michelin star chef ingeniously executes culinary masterpieces.

One of the many fortes of the superb property is its enchanting décor. Chateau de Candale looks like a typical medieval tower characterized by this magnificent white rock that is oh so typical of the Bordeaux region. Visitors are charmed by this oasis of peace and the impeccably looked after gardens. The terrace’s decoration is a perfect alliance of authenticity and modernity.  The panorama in the center of the dreamy vineyards of Saint-Émilion is the perfect touch to add to this unforgettable wining and dining trip.

If you don’t have much time, want to cut through the Chateau visit and skip straight to the restaurant; don’t you worry. L’Atelier de Candale is definitely worth the detour. If you are lucky and the weather is warm, the terrace offers you an incomparable view on the 13 hectares of vineyards of the Chateau as well as on the other chateaux at proximity. Once you are seated, you only have to now make the most difficult decision possible: What to eat? 

The chef’s creativity is unprecedented and agreeably surprising. A simple look at the menu will make your stomach rumble. Although you might not really understand what you are reading, everything on the menu will sound like French for ‘delicious’. We recommend the “Marbré de foie gras de canard,” a rich marbled foie gras pate accompanied with fresh French baguette or the “melba de pain d'épices,” a ginger bead melba toast as an appetizer. Have the “Suprême de pintade du Périgord en basse température farci au foie gras et champignons sauvage,” as a main course, consisting of a guinea fowl generously stuffed with creamy foie gras, wild mushrooms and beautifully slow roasted or the “Maki de canard, légumes croquants," a Japanese inspired duck roll served with lightly fried vegetables.

Finally, last but certainly not least, have the "Croustillant de sésame aux fruits frais, glace à l'huile d'olive, mousse fromage blanc,” as a dessert; a delicate cottage cheese mousse with fresh fruits, homemade sesame crisps and olive oil ice-cream, or opt for the "Entremets passion framboise comme un cheese cake," a refreshing raspberry and passion fruit cheesecake. The menu is a creative and genius culinary wonder that you will devour. It also changes daily, depending on what produce is best from the market.

The portions are perfect – not too small nor too big. The service is agreeable and to top it all off, the entire meal will cost you less than 30 Euros. Evidently deprivation of such a dreamy experience is not an option! If you do however wish to extend your culinary heaven experience whilst sipping on a coffee or in house wine, you could relax on a long chair nearby the terrace and enjoy the superb view.

If wining and dining had a mother, it would undoubtedly be Chateau de Candale. Aside from its delicious culinary experiences, Chateau de Candale has earned a good reputation with local residents for its wine country setting in Bordeaux. The Chateau offers wine tours and produces its own range of exquisite wines such as the likes of Château de Candale and Roc de Candale Saint-Émilion. This is a style of wine that offers a blockbuster view of Bordeaux. It is full of dark extracted fruits, brooding tannins, dark plum juice and a burnt feeling that comes from alcohol. 

So there you have it, a delightful treasure situated in the city of Saint-Émilion in Bordeaux that promises you an unforgettable experience of well-being and gourmet pleasure.